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It is our best - selling product thanking to skillful and experienced workers and the good control of quality.

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Are you looking for breaded shrimps? Vina Cleanfood is the reliable supplier. It is supplying a full range of product types such as Torpedo, Butterfly, Rice wrapped, Filo, etc following your requirements in terms of detailed specification.

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Our sushi ebi is well regarded in quality. It built up a good reputation for us as one of leading sushi processors in Vietnam. Customers find it easily in retails, food services in over 20 countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, EU menber countries, Australia, Singapore...

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Cooked product is our majority. You are supplied with both types of Cooked in shell then peeled and Peeled and Cooked. You find our products such as Tail – On, Tail – Off, Ring with a range of sizes depending on specifications.

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Our marinated products contains a variety of flavors that will satisfy everyone's taste.

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Customers could find a range of sizes with Black tiger and Vannamei shrimps. There is a variety of packing styles: Vacuumed tray, IQF, Bag with or without plastic sheet and retailed pack.

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Customers could find extensive range of raw items at Vina Cleanfoods including: Peeled Deveined Tail - On/Tail - Off, Easy Peeled, Headless Shell - On, Skewers, Head - On Shell - On.

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